D.C. Patterson portrait photography is based in Dunedin, New Zealand. Deane is the founder of Dunedin Story, the world famous in Dunedin Instagram account (@thedunedinstory) featuring local portraits and accompanying stories. Despite working in film, television, and writing, the urge to capture those profound moments of connection with someone has won out, and Deane is now focussed on portrait photography. Dunedin is his hometown, after living all over the world for a couple of decades, and his happiness at rediscovering Dunedin lead to his passion for discovering it's people. Deane believes it's connection that makes a great portrait. People's stories illuminate their eyes and their portraits, so that's where the process begins - discovering what makes you as a person unique, and waiting for that to show up on your face. Portrait shoots are less 'turn to the left and smile' and more 'tell me about yourself...' Call today to book a shoot, the aim of which is to create a portrait that's as interesting, and unique, as you. 021 244 3022 or mail@dcpatterson.com or send a message with the contact form below.
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