Deane (DC) Patterson is a professional writer for hire. I do copywriting and blogging for a variety of small to medium-sized businesses around the world, and while there are few limits to what I can write for, I do specialize in music and media technology that includes advertising and course writing for media education outlets. I have also taught at several facilities in the areas of video production, photography and content marketing.

If that sounds like a lot, I’ve had over 30 years of audio and video production, indie film, broadcast TV, and journalism. And I’ve had time to live in several countries and work on 4 kids. You can do a lot when you learn to do them one at a time.



The New Zealand Institute for Business Studies: Freelance Journalism

The Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS):

Directing the Documentary (Cert), Lighting for Commercials (Cert), Lighting for Documentaries (Cert)

North Sydney College of Technical and Further Education:

Single-Camera Video Production (Cert), Advanced Television Production (Cert)

Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Denver: Discipleship Training School


I’ve worked for every major broadcaster in New Zealand and Australia (and for the BBC, MTV, ABC, Deutch Wella as a freelance) as a camera operator, assistant, sound recordist, writer, and director. And, of course, there’s a lot of corporate work, indie, and theatrical film experience as well as writing and shooting for the web.

There’s also a few years of music industry experience as a producer, staff engineer (studio and live), studio owner and composer for film and television.

I spend a lot of time freelance writing for clients around the world and producing corporate video content to match the copywriting I’ve done for local businesses. I keep the music up as a hobby these days – purely for the love of it.

As I progressed through various countries, companies, and roles, I realized the root of everything is good writing. Great content starts there. Get it right in the words, and the pictures are easier to produce and have more impact.

I’ve been able to reach out around the globe and solve my customer’s biggest problem – writing the content their customers are searching for.

Content marketing isn’t just to inform your customers, it’s to spur them into action. Message me right now, and we can do the same for your customers.