I write what your customers are searching for

I’m D.C. Patterson, a well-traveled copywriter. I write about media technology and for businesses offering services of every kind.

If you have what people are looking for, I can help you share what your audience wants to know.

By providing you with a ‘3rd-party’ perspective, I can help you with all the things you know but your customers don’t. I look at it from their point of view (which can be very difficult for you) so there’s no jargon or assumptions between you and them.

I can also help you navigate the line between hubris and humility when it comes to describing why your solution is the best choice.

I write for companies all over the world. Fortune 500 and local service providers have all received the same attention to detail. Now it’s your turn to be “exactly what we’re looking for” to your customers.

The focus is on genuinely answering your audience’s questions so they’re ready to buy when they call you.

I ask a lot of questions, poke at assumptions and work with you to get it technically right. We also work really hard to make all your content sound like you. Not empty advertising.

It’s often called ‘copywriting’ but I create unique words that represent you, and engage your specific market. It’s tailored to fit your audience, just like your products and services.

Call or email me now and let’s get started.

Together we can create the words and information your customers have been searching for.